Welcome to VisualCurriculums, your source for image-based general education curriculums. VisualCurriculums is the first ever “visualized” general education curriculum.  It is a general education curriculum presented in a visual format using drawings, diagrams, pictures, and other images in place of traditional reading and text-based curriculum or verbal instruction.  VisualCurriculums is the only learning tool currently available with the expressed goal of presenting standard, traditional curriculum in a visual format.


VisualCurriculums can help every student learn more efficiently and retain information longer. Although specifically designed for children with autism, it has proven effective with all types of students.  VisualCurriculums can give a child with autism access to a general education when it wouldn’t be possible otherwise.  It can help any child with a minor learning disability, reading problem, or hyperactivity keep pace with their classroom instruction and have fun doing it.  It can motivate any difficult student to learn.  Lastly, VisualCurriculums is an excellent study tool in preparing all students for state mandated exams.  VisualCurriculums is an incredibly powerful educational tool.

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